Permanent Recruitment

Human capital plays a pivotal role in organizational success and achievement. Human Physical and mental efforts exercised are coordinated towards the goals and objectives to be accomplished. So management has to equip and elate human forces employed accordingly. Manpower must be planned according to the requirements of each job in the light of its emerging trends and challenges. When manpower placed penetrates through the challenges and achieve the organizational goals, it is presumed that "the right person is placed in the right job". Our highly efficient team of consultants at Betterstep helps you to get the right person for your requirement so as to control the attrition rate and achieve organizational goals.

Temporary Recruitment

In case your organization has a requirement for superior talent to contain headcount, seasonal increase in business, need to lower employment costs and demand for niche skill sets, you can consider the option of temporary recruitment. Betterstep would take care of the entire process from understanding your requirement and job specification to identifying and hiring personnel.

Recruitment on Demand

Today, the practice of 'Recruiter on Demand (ROD)' is ever increasing. ROD provides end to end recruitment services on or off site. Our team of experts works in collaboration with you by working with your managers or Human Resource team to get the best results. Our team supports you to enhance the recruiting process by providing services like need identification, finalizing job specifications, screening, facilitating interviews, mapping the most suitable candidate, validation, follow up, doing reference check and many more.

The main objective of ROD is to make the process of recruitment smooth with the most effective outcome. At Betterstep, our focus is to maintain long term relations with our clients by providing them with quality services.

Volume Hiring

Betterstep core competency is the ability to fill a variety of different positions within different industries on a daily basis with the right candidate fit. Whether IT, telecommunications, and industrial or general recruitment solutions: Betterstep is able to take on almost any type of recruitment challenge.

Various companies need to hire huge number of candidates in short span of time. Mostly it is either the case for service centers of especially high volume, to compensate for the turnover rate, or when a new service is starting, which needs strong profiled employees to rocket it to success. With ITES Clients in particular, there may be a need for a large number of positions to fill, sometimes in very short timeframes.

Mass Recruitment is probably the most complex form of recruitment today. Betterstep programs are designed to ensure volume, quality and retention management. It is our objective to consistently exceed your expectations by continuing to offer leading recruitment solutions, as well as, customized recruitment and outsourcing solutions, enabling you to focus only on their core business.

Our service teams understand recruiting to be a critical function and a key driver in the success of both Betterstep and its customers.

Campus Hiring

The major objective of campus placement is to identify the talented and qualified professionals before they complete their education. This process reduces the time for an industry to pick the candidates according to their need.

Betterstep has a seasoned insight that campus recruitment provides an opportunity to choose and select the best talent in a short period of time. Therefore Betterstep aims at providing you with 'Total Campus Recruitment Solutions' right from targeting the right institutes to organizing for volume recruitment drives including conducting screening tests, interviews, offer roll out, etc.